Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your Guide to Antique Box Collections

Have you ever seen or touched an antique small box? You will surely feel the thrill of holding or touching the object which were once touch or used by ancient set of hands.

You will also be amazed by just looking on the rare and ancient boxes made from a hundred year old wood. It could be made of amboina, satin wood, coromandel, or burled yews that were mostly used hundred years ago to make boxes and other furniture.

An antique box can be irresistible for many people who are into antique collections. Collecting antique boxes made in the 18th and 19th centuries will make you feel the history of the box.

The woodwork that is primarily seen on the surface clearly indicates the broad spectrum of the craftsmanship. You will see most antique boxes that are designed with inlay or lacquers.

Details on how these antique boxes were made can be seen on the designed elements that were used. If you are into collecting antique boxes, you will be fascinated with the different types and designs that display the antiqueness and royalty of the box.

Many antique boxes are said to have been popularized since the rise of cabinet making is recognized as a professional craft.

Most boxes are painted with a nice picture of life and exquisite design for those who are in the higher classes of the society.

In those times especially in the 18th and 19th century periods, boxes were basic things and they function to unlimited variations. It depends on the person using the box and the needs of time.

Boxes are said to be art objects in the 16th century. One of the most famous craftsmen to be recognized during this period was Chippendale.

He was so popular in making state of the art cabinets and with his unique designs of small boxes such as the jewelry box. Since then, boxes were made with decorative designs and styles.

For antique box collectors, taking good care of these valuable items is important. There are also some who may have inherited antiques boxes but they do not know how to maintain their condition.

Caring for antique items properly has many benefits to offer you in the future. It ensures the owner that it can be passed to their loved ones and may also be sold with a higher value.

Here are some tips on how you can take care and restore your antiques and other collectible items.

1. Place your items on a proper display storage area. You have to keep such valuable items out of the reach of children.

2. When cleaning an antique box, make sure to use lint free cloth to get rid of the dust.

3. Wooden boxes should only be waxed with quality beeswax.

4. Always remember to avoid placing furnishings in bright light and avoid over exposure to sunlight.

5. Place your items on an average temperature area. Secure them in a place to keep them protected from moisture. Temperature and humidity changes can damage the wooden surfaces of the box.

Owning valuable collection of antique boxes and other collectible items is a privilege. It is important to take proper care on your antique boxes.

This will not only help you to increase their current values but you may also pass its history to many generations to come.