Saturday, May 14, 2011

How To Display Your Medieval Sword

Whether you originally bought your medieval sword for fighting, as a stage prop, or as part of a costume, it can be a great display item for you. Medieval fighting swords are crafted with such beauty that it would be a crime not to have them proudly displayed. I wrote this page to show you just how to go about displaying your medieval sword. Read through the next seven paragraphs and you will be fully prepared to proudly put your sword up for show.

The first issue we need to cover is safety. Highly sharpened swords and even heavy unsharpened swords can be hazardous to your health. Homes with children need to take special precautions to secure and display the sword with care.

Wall displays can be great, but be careful not to place them in homes where pets or children may rip them down and become hurt by them. Wall mounted display stands can be crafted or purchased depending on your inclination and skills. When putting up your display, be sure to use your wall studs as anchors or you may have trouble in the future.

Use a sturdy drill and a stud finder to properly mount the sword. Use a good level and an accurate tape measure to place your desired wall stand into the wall at the proper height and angle. Line tools may also be used to form a solid measuring line on your wall.

Washing the medieval sword you have mounted on your wall needs to be done with caution. Remember that the edges may be sharp and you do not want to knock a sharpened sword down on your head. Use a duster or a soft broom to knock off any dust that may accumulate. Additionally you may decide to polish your sword to make it extra shiny.

Display cases may be used instead of a more open wall mount. These cases can be purchased with locks to keep your children safe and your sword safe. Cases can be made with large glass tops and fronts so that you will always have a great view of your sword.

Washing a sword that has been enshrined in a glass case is not something that will need to be done often since it will not be exposed to the outside. Although you will not need to clean the sword, you may have to wash the glass on the case to keep your viewing area clear. Use dry rags and cleaners for glass to keep the case nice and bright.