Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joys of Collecting Antique Toys

You may have your favorite childhood toy. Like your favorite toy train that you kept near your bed. These items nowadays can bring back the old memories of your childhood and the happy moments when you were still a kid playing your favorite toy.

These days, you will find antique toy collectors converting his entire basement, room, garage or a part of the living room into a miniature train set with complete resemblance of trees, bridges, and streams.

However, this hobby could be expensive because of the set up you will need. Fortunately, an expensive train set can offer lucrative profits in return. Because of its antiqueness and the memory it evokes, it can be sold at a more expensive price for toy train collectors.

In fact, a pre-World War 2 Mickey Mouse collection set was auctioned for the amount of $1500.00. Usually, a person may purchase a toy because he wants his children to play with toys. Another reason could be collecting and preserving a particular time manufactured only for a limited time.

Enthusiasm is one key element when you are collecting antique toys. You may come to a point where you are more than willing to pay any amount for the last piece needed to complete your toy collection.

Others also opt to purchase a particular antique toy that has defined its formative years of existence. For example, the first ever Batman comic book has an auctioned price of approximately $10,000.00. Factors that you have to look at when you prefer collecting antique toys is the condition and years of existence of the toy you will purchase.

A particular antique toy that is still in good condition will certainly become scarce and may have a high asking price in some point in time. Toys that are still sealed in their original boxes are the most expensive. These are called toys which are in their mint condition.

Toys that were already opened and used could be less valuable because they may have lost their quality. Storing toys in a dust free environment is highly recommended.

But if you prefer to handle, clean and display them outside their storage area. Make sure that you use cotton gloves in transferring your toys. This is to prevent any dirt or oil from your hands to tarnish or damage the surface portion of the toys.

Toys that are widely popular and well recognized are safer purchases compared to the items that are only recognized for a limited time. The shortages and fads that made the toys appealing and popular for short periods may not have the same appeal and attraction when you talk about long term.

Those popular Tickle Me Elmo Dolls that were really in demand were selling with an added thousand dollars of its original selling price right before Christmas. The best way to invest on toys, such as in cases like this, is to purchase directly to the manufacturer of these toys.

If you are really into antique toy collecting, you may search web sites for informative guides on the current auction prices of the more widely popular antique toys. The internet is also a great place for sellers and buyers in this kind of market.